Stronger Salem

An Effort to Make Our Town as Strong as Possible.

Support a Salem Charter Commission

Salem is a town on the cusp of a new era of prosperity and growth. In the past census we surpassed 30,000 residents - a number that is sure to continue to grow and expand as our town continues to develop as a destination for our entire economic region.

It’s time to review Salem’s form of government and the best way to do so is through the establishment of a Charter Commission. A Charter Commission, if approved by voters during the March Town Election, is elected by Salem voters during a special election within two months of voters approving the question. Registered voters in Salem can run for the Charter Commission, and the top nine candidates from across town are elected to serve on the Charter Commission. The Commission will then work on putting together a recommendation for establishing a municipal charter or recommending no changes - any proposed changes would have to be adopted by the next town meeting, so it would be March of 2023 before any changes are voted on by Salem voters.

It has been over a decade since the last Salem Charter Commission, and I strongly believe Salem deserves to have that conversation again as a town.

In order to start that process we need to collect signatures in order to get the Charter Commission on the Ballot. Please call me at 603-327-7184 or email me at to coordinate a time to sign a petition!


- Joe